5 of the Best Indica-Dominant Craft Strains to Try

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Indica cannabis plants are popular for their sedating and relaxing effects. They offer plenty of medical benefits to users seeking to relieve pain, sleeplessness, and more. Plenty of studies and articles discuss how Indica induces specific effects that can help reduce some illnesses and conditions.

You can find some pure Indica strains in the market, but most users often choose hybrids. A hybrid strain combines Indica and Sativa, but sometimes it can have one gene more than the other. Hence, you can find products like Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Indica-dominant hybrids show strong effects of Indica genes. There are some subtle effects of Sativa, but the Indica’s gene shows the most. 

If you are looking for a relaxing hybrid strain, here are five craft cannabis you can try to help you stay calm after a long work day.

5 Best Craft Cannabis Strains

Want to experience high-quality relaxing or couch-locking strains? Get to know these premium strains that will give you a potent experience with an unforgettable flavour and scent in every puff.

Stripper Spit

Stripper Spit is an Indica-dominant strain made from the crossing of Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain produces a great evening smoking sesh since it can help you unwind and feel tranquil by removing the stress from the day. On inhalation, the smoke is smooth and has a strong euphoric effect. This variety will undoubtedly relieve stress and leave you feeling upbeat and content.

Craft Spitter Spit - Cannabis Den

Shark Shock

Shark Shock, also known as Shark Widow or the Great White Shark, is a highly potent hybrid strain from the crossing of White Widow and Skunk #1. It has a strong aroma and a flavour that combines earthy, sweet, and woody notes. It has a highly potent yet calming effect that does not leave the body feeling overly heavy. They can treat muscle discomfort, depression, sleeplessness, and anorexia.

Cannabis Den - shark shock AAA


This strain has a potent Indica effect with 27% THC. It produces extremely strong high and lingering effects, ideal for unwinding at night. The high begins with a strong buzz that hits you in the head first and catapults you into a euphoric yet unfocused state. As your body enters a profound and calm body high, this initially exhilarating impact quickly becomes heavy. It will lead to deep and peaceful sedating effects for hours.

Cannabis Den - shark shock AAA

Platinum Death Bubba

Platinum Death Bubba is a crossing of Platinum Kush and Death Bubba, two high-THC strains. The strain has an 80:20 Indica-to-Sativa ratio, making it heavily Indica-dominating. Platinum Death Bubba is undoubtedly a strain with a tremendous high because it has a THC level of around 30%.

It is a “creeper strain” since the effects can take some time to manifest themselves fully. Users are in for a great treat once the high starts to really set in. The first thing users will experience is a heavy, profound sense of relaxation. Afterwards, euphoria, slight drowsiness, and an insatiable appetite will set in. This strain helps treat anxiety, depression, low appetite, sleeplessness, and pain among medical marijuana users.

Cannabis Den — DB Platinum

Rockstar Tuna

This hybrid strain has 90% Indica and 10% Sativa from the crossing of legendary Tuna Kush and Rockstar strains. The flavour is milder, with notes of sweet grapes and sour herbs to balance off the earthy, skunky flavour. 

The strain’s high will leave you feeling completely at ease and insatiably hungry for hours. A surge of elevated effects sends your mind soaring blissfully as the high begins. Your body will start to fade away into a profound state of relaxation and calm as your mind rises higher and higher.

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Cannabis Den - Weed

Cannabis Den also offers other strains of marijuana, so you can also use energy-boosting strains of Sativa. We also have a selection of concentrates and edibles to experience the effects of cannabis without having to inhale smoke. Want to relieve pain without psychotropic effects? Try our CBD products like capsules and tinctures. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general effects of Indicas?

Indica strains are physically sedating and ideal for resting with a movie or as a nightcap before bed. The physical effects happen throughout the body rather than only in the head. While Indica tends to leave users feeling incredibly relaxed and perhaps even asleep, it also heightens senses like hearing, touch, and scent.

Another way to characterize its high is “lazy body high.” It causes a heavy body feeling, making most users merely sit down and unwind. Because of these effects, Indicas are likely to provide relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

What is craft cannabis?

Craft cannabis, also known as small-batch cannabis or artisanal cannabis, is a small-scale cannabis product emphasizing quality rather than quantity. The best scent, flavours, and effects are of the highest quality. Cultivators spend time working on extracting the best features of the plant. They also use manual methods when trimming the buds. Hence, it creates an aesthetically appealing flower and maintains high amounts of trichomes.


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