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In recent years, the marijuana edibles industry has expanded. Cannabis edibles are preferred by many users when it comes to marijuana. Cannabis edibles offer a discreet, practical substitute for smoking and vaping. Yet knowing where to begin with many options and dose variations might be challenging.

A form of cannabis-infused food product known as a marijuana edible is one that is either ingested orally or absorbed sublingually or buccally (under the tongue or through the cheek, respectively). Although other cannabinoids, like CBD or CBN, are sometimes used in edibles, THC is their main ingredient.

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There are many different marijuana edibles available, which might make finding the best one for you difficult. The effects of cannabis might be more potent and stay longer when consumed as edibles. To prepare for your THC-infused meal, it is wise to become familiar with what to prepare, what to consume, and what to search for with dosing.

To get you started, here are a few of the edible product categories that Cannabis Den offers:

THC Gummies

Your cannabis experience may be easy and delightful with the help of gummies. You might like to try Joshua Treats’ Iced Blue Raspberry Gummies, Bonafide – 300mg Watermelon Fruit Cubes, Potluck Gummies’ Cherry flavour, or our HIGH DOSE – Passion Fruit flavour. You may select from various varieties these brands offer, including mango, peach, watermelon, pineapple, raspberry, citrus, and strawberry.

Studies suggest that cannabis can help people with depression by reestablishing healthy endocannabinoid function and emotional stability. Gummies might be an alternative to provide short-term relief from anxiety and Depressive symptoms.

THC Lollipop

Doobie Snacks – THC Lollipops

Cannabis lollipops are precisely what they sound like: hard candies on a stick, much like you might remember them from childhood. But one crucial distinction stands out: in this instance, cannabis oil was used in the candy’s preparation. Ganja Lollipop Grape Ape Indica, for example, is a popular cannabis lollipop with the same attraction for individuals who don’t like the scent of marijuana but want a lung-friendly option to smoking weed. These can provide greater discretion for medicinal cannabis users when taking their prescriptions in public.

THC Chocolate

For hundreds of years, people have utilized cannabis and chocolate separately as forms of healing. Combining the two makes sense if you want to elevate your health and wellness. Since chocolate’s fats take longer to break down than other fats, cannabis chocolate usually has a more profound and long-lasting impact on your body. Compared to other edibles, the lengthier procedure allows for more profound stimulatory effects and a body high from the THC.

Try some of our THC chocolates, including the Ganja Baked Dark Chocolate Almond Bar and Potluck’s chocolates, available in various flavours like cookies ‘n’ creme, matcha white chocolate, salted dark chocolate, and toffee.

THC Cookie & Brownie

Cannabis Den - Weed Cookies

Consuming marijuana-infused baked goods, such as Ganja Marble Brownie and Ganja Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, is the best way to keep your marijuana usage discreet and accessible. Smoking marijuana still causes your body to get beneficial THC. Still, it also causes your lungs to experience the negative consequences of smoke inhalation. These edibles will eliminate the bad smoke, leaving you with advantages. This is also effective for people who wish to feel the benefits of THC but cannot inhale smoke for medical reasons.

Other Product Categories

Cannabis Den offers more product categories aside from THC edibles: 

Kief Weed and Concentrate

Kief is occasionally taken in its loose form, generally alone or combined with cannabis flower, even though it is frequently processed into hashish. Moroccans refer to kief as a combination of shredded cannabis and tobacco smoked via a pipe called a “sebsi,” not as the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Kief might be brown or gold in hue. Darker kief is less refined and still contains some plant material, but pure kief is often lighter in colour (think off-white) and smells quite sweet.

The last option is to buy it if gathering your kief requires much effort. Kief comes in various forms, including a live resin version that is incredibly tasty and fresh. Our dispensary offers Watermelon Haze Kief or Watermelon kush and BC Pink Kush Kief.

Shatter Wax and Budder

Shatter is a translucent, occasionally transparent concentration that resembles rock candy. Like other butane-based concentrates, it squeezes the solvent through the cannabis plant material to create an amber liquid. Wax is a BHO concentration that resembles ear wax and has the same viscosity as coconut oil as shatter. 

Terpene content in the budder is high. Budder has a variety of potent terpenes that, when extracted and purified efficiently, may provide unique fragrances and flavours very different from those you would be accustomed to from flower


Distillate, which often has no flavour, taste, or scent, is the main component of most edibles and vape cartridges. It is a potent cannabis oil that may be used alone or as an ingredient in other cannabis-related goods. THC oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are the distillate products that are most widely available on the market.

Purchase Your Favourite Weed Product Now!

The specialists at Cannabis Den are more than willing to assist if you’re interested in trying marijuana treats. Various edibles, including chocolates, gummies, baked goods, beverages, pills, hard candies, dissolvable, and other marijuana items, are available online and in outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a common question among those interested in edibles to ask whether or not they taste like cannabis. The answer depends on the specific edible. More potent edibles usually taste more like cannabis. For those new to edibles, we advise diluting them up bit by bit after starting with a smaller dosage.

The majority of edibles must be digested before they can start working. So, it’s likely that nothing will immediately worry you. The full benefits should appear an hour after consumption. The only exception is THC-infused hard candies, which often start working between 15 and 45 minutes after consumption since some THC is naturally supplied sublingually. Remember that the timetable should be between 30 and 90 minutes for most other edibles.


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