The Mike Tyson OG Cannabis Strain: A Detailed Exploration of its Properties and Effects

The realm of cannabis is adorned with strains that have attained legendary status, captivating enthusiasts through their distinct qualities and potent effects. One notable strain is the renowned Mike Tyson OG, named after the iconic former professional boxer. This cannabis strain has garnered a reputation for its exceptional attributes and profound impact on both the mind and body.

This study is designed to serve as an informative guide for individuals embarking on their cannabis journey, regardless of whether they are seasoned connoisseurs seeking to deepen their understanding of this renowned strain or curious newcomers eager to explore the realm of cannabis.

Mike Tyson OG

What is Mike Tyson OG?

Tyson OG is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid known for its impressive strength. Bred by the Canna Clinic, Tyson delivers offers a potent combination of indica effects that relaxes the body and alleviate symptoms of stress and appetite loss. While some speculate that it may be a variation of the OG Kush strain, there is no official confirmation of this connection. Named after the legendary boxer Mike Tyson, this strain delivers a powerful punch that can leave you thoroughly incapacitated.

Tyson brings about a euphoric and introspective state when consumed, accompanied by a gentle mental haze. As the mind relaxes, the body sinks into a deep relaxation, inducing a sedating and couch-locking effect. The strain’s potent THC levels, averaging around 25-30%, make it highly effective in alleviating various conditions such as chronic stress, loss of appetite, chronic pain, and insomnia.

The Buds

Tyson stands out with its compact, medium-sized buds that appear distinct. The flower cluster together, forming an elongated and cylindrical shape, showcasing typical Indica characteristics. The dense core of the buds has small, twisted leaves that exhibit lumpy lime green nugs interlaced with bright orange hairs. This makes them resistant to breaking apart without a grinder. It also contains a generous coating of milky golden crystal trichomes.

Upon taking the first whiff of these sticky buds, a predominantly dank aroma reminiscent of moist soil immediately permeates the air. Beneath this earthy scent lies a subtle sweetness and floral undertones. Grinding the buds releases a rich fragrance of hash and spices, suggesting a possible lineage that traces back to Afghani strains.

When ignited in a pipe or joint, Tyson unleashes a harsh smoke that can trigger coughing. However, upon exhaling, the smoke reveals a distinctive flavor profile characterized by its sweet and skunky sharpness. The aroma of Tyson can be remarkably potent, necessitating individuals consuming it in public to employ measures to control the scent.

The Effects

As a predominantly Indica strain, Tyson takes time to build up its effects before delivering its full potency. Around 15 minutes after consumption, users may notice flushing in the cheeks and a sensation of pressure around the temples and eyes.

Once individuals acclimate to these sensations, they can fully embrace the array of disorienting effects that Tyson bestows. This strain has the potential to profoundly alter sensory perception in certain users, potentially resulting in visual and auditory distortions.

These distortions can manifest as increased sensitivity to specific sounds or a flattening of depth and perspective. Some individuals have reported experiencing more abstract effects, such as a unique sensation of time dilation, where time may seem to pass at a different pace or feel elongated.


Tyson induces sleepiness and relaxation and helps in appetite loss, like pure Indica. Medical marijuana patients turn to Tyson to relieve insomnia, stress, and anxiety symptoms. The dominant terpene found in Tyson is myrcene, contributing to its distinctive aroma and potential therapeutic properties.

Myrcene is a monoterpene fundamental building block for creating other secondary terpenes. It is not uncommon for myrcene to constitute up to 50% of the total terpene content present in certain cannabis strains. Strains containing more than 0.5% myrcene are often associated with sedative effects commonly attributed to Indica varieties.

One potential benefit of myrcene is its ability to alleviate chronic pain and inflammation symptoms. Terpenes play a role in facilitating the absorption of cannabinoids into the blood-brain barrier, allowing them to bind with receptors in the endocannabinoid system and potentially promoting analgesic responses.

How to Enjoy Tyson OG

Want to experience that strong Indica effects and pungent skunk accented by nose-burning chemicals of Tyson? There are different possible ways to use this bud for a good experience.

Mike Tyson OG - AAA

Choosing your preferred method of consumption

Users can enjoy Tyson OG in various ways, including smoking, vaping, or using it in edibles or concentrates. Consider your personal preferences and experience with different consumption methods.

Smoking cannabis is the most popular method to experience the immediate effects of the strain. You can roll a joint, stuff them on a pipe, or add a concentrate along with your Tyson bud.

Starting with a low-dosage

Starting with a low dosage when consuming Tyson OG is highly recommended, particularly for individuals who are new to cannabis or have a lower tolerance. This approach allows you to assess how your mind and body respond to the strain’s potent effects.

By starting with a small dose, you can better gauge the intensity and duration of the high. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the strain’s unique characteristics. Gradually increasing the dosage, if desired, can be done in subsequent sessions once you better understand how Tyson OG affects you.

Taking your time

It’s important to give yourself ample time to allow the effects to manifest fully. Cannabis affects individuals differently, and the onset and duration of effects can vary.

Rushing into consuming more before fully assessing the initial impact can lead to an overwhelming experience or excessive consumption. By being patient and allowing the strain to take effect gradually, you can better gauge its potency.

Taking time also makes you more attuned to the subtle nuances of Tyson OG’s effects. You can observe how it influences your mood, relaxation levels, and potential therapeutic benefits. This mindful approach lets you decide whether to adjust your dosage or continue enjoying the strain as it unfolds.

Creating a relaxing environment

To create a relaxing environment when enjoying Tyson OG, prioritize comfort and tranquillity. Find a serene space that promotes relaxation, such as a cozy living room with soft pillows and blankets or a serene outdoor setting with comfortable seating. Arrange the space to cater to your personal preferences, ensuring it aligns with the mood you wish to cultivate.

Consider dimming the lights to create a cozy ambiance or incorporating soothing elements like candles or essential oil diffusers. By surrounding yourself with a calm and comfortable environment, you can enjoy the strain’s renowned relaxing and sedating effects.

Activities to Incorporate with Tyson OG

Tyson strain has strong Indica effects, so you can incorporate activities that can go along with the relaxing mood of the strain.

  • Relaxation and Meditation: Tyson OG’s relaxing effects make it an ideal choice for practicing meditation or deep relaxation techniques. Find a quiet and peaceful space, play calming music, and focus on your breathing to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Yoga or Stretching: Pair Tyson OG with gentle yoga or stretching exercises to enhance the body’s relaxation and flexibility. The strain’s sedating properties can help you sink into each pose, allowing for a more profound mind-body connection and improved flexibility.
  • Creative Pursuits: Tap into your creative side while under the influence of this strain. Engage in painting, drawing, writing, or playing a musical instrument. The strain’s introspective qualities may enhance your creative flow and inspire unique ideas.
  • Pampering Self-Care: Take advantage of the soothing effects of a pampering self-care routine. Treat yourself to a warm bath, apply a face mask, or give yourself a gentle massage. Allow the strain’s calming properties to enhance your overall well-being and self-care experience.
  • Enjoying Nature: If possible, take Tyson OG outdoors and immerse yourself in nature. Find a peaceful spot in a park, garden, or nature reserve where you can connect with the natural surroundings. The strain’s sedative effects, combined with the beauty of nature, can create a truly tranquil experience.
  • Listening to Relaxing Music or Audiobooks: Create a playlist of calming and soothing music that complements the effects of Tyson OG. You can explore audiobooks or guided meditation recordings that promote relaxation and self-reflection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to use Tyson strain?

The right time to use Mike Tyson OG can vary depending on individual preferences. Given its Indica-dominant nature and sedating effects, it is often best enjoyed when relaxing and unwinding.

Many users find Tyson to be a suitable choice for evening or nighttime use, as it allows them to fully embrace its calming qualities and potentially promote restful sleep.This strain can be beneficial for individuals seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort. It is an ideal option for moments when one can dedicate time to self-care and relaxation.

What does OG mean in Tyson strain?

In the world of cannabis, enthusiasts commonly employ the abbreviation OG to represent the phrase “Original Gangster.” Cannabis enthusiasts use it to categorize cannabis strains they consider foundational or original plant varieties. Although the precise origins of the term remain somewhat unclear, many believe it originated in hip-hop and music circles.

People used it to describe individuals who were respected and experienced community members. Cannabis enthusiasts embraced the term to designate highly coveted strains held in high regard within the cannabis community.