The Surprising Advantages of Vaporizing Marijuana

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The most common method of using marijuana (also known as cannabis or weed) is by inhaling its smoke, which is how many people first experience its effects and benefits. While alternative consumption methods such as edibles have emerged, smoking remains a popular choice. However, vaporizing is now leading the way as an innovative and convenient method of inhalation for getting high.

Vaporizing or vaping is an inhalation method of consumption, similar to smoking. The differences between the two are the substances to make the vapour and how it is heated. The only element that unites these two is how our bodies take in the smoke through inhalation.

The Benefits of Vaporizing

Although smoking weed is the classic way to get high, vaporizing is taking over and providing more benefits. If you want to shift to vaporizing weed, here are the benefits you don’t want to miss out:

Convenient and Discreet

Vaping is a practical and discreet way to consume cannabis. For instance, a disposable vape pen has a prefilled cartridge with cannabis oil. Some vape pens feature a button that activates the atomizer (heating element) when pushed. While others are draw-activated, meaning they only function when inhaling.

Vaping simplifies the process of consuming cannabis by removing the need to search for marijuana and a smoking location. Furthermore, vaping is a discreet method of consumption, particularly while on the move, as it does not emit smoke, making it less noticeable.

Less Harmful

Inhaling smoke from any source has negative health impacts. Compounds like ammonia and hydrogen cyanide are present in higher concentrations in cannabis smoke. These compounds can cause damage to the lungs. You may avoid all the negative health impacts of smoking while enjoying cannabis in all its beauty by switching to a vaporizer.

Cleaner High

Vaping is a great alternative if smoking makes you nauseous. It is a popular choice among recreational cannabis users who prefer a pure and clear high without unwanted side effects. This option prevents potential adverse effects associated with cannabis use, such as sleepiness, lethargy, paranoia, or anxiety. As a result, users can enjoy a smooth and consistent experience.

More Control

Basic portable models today feature sophisticated temperature settings. You can now experiment with lower or higher temperature settings, giving you far more control over utilizing your cannabis.

For instance, using a vaporizer with temperature adjustments lets you vape slightly below 200°C. By controlling the temperature, you maintain a few more terpenes and aromatic compounds in your bud, thus, allowing you to preserve the flavour of your marijuana.


The affordability of vaping is one of the key factors in its popularity. You can find disposable pens or refills for less than $100. For example, you can try Straight Goods Supply Co for only $44.99 at Cannabis Den. This weed vape pen provides an incredible organic dose of pure cannabis straight to your lungs.

Like a cannabis flower, vapes come in various prices and forms. There are so many of them available, and you can find one that is within your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a cannabis flower for vaping?

There are many ways to try vape weeds – portable and pen vaporizers are your primary options. If you choose to use buds for vaporizing, you will need an herb vaporizer. This tool is different from the common vape pens that use cartridges.

When using an herb vaporizer, you can inhale different weed strains. When using this device, choose your strain of choice, and grind the flower. Next, pack the flower into the heating chamber, set the temperature, and vape away!

What makes vaping different from smoking?

Vaporization is a milder method of consuming cannabis and is considered a better option than smoking because it occurs at a lower temperature than combustion. Additionally, vaping results in less noticeable odors compared to smoking.

Even if you use a vape frequently throughout the day, the vapor disperses into the air much faster than smoke, making it harder for others to detect that you are using cannabis.