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How do you define good cannabis?

I have travelled across the globe and tried ” WEED ” as we know it around the world. Disclaimer here: nothing is comparable to when I buy weed in Canada, specifically Vancouver or Toronto. While I was on an all inclusive trip in Mexico with a group of friends we had the experience of being offered cannabis for purchase from our taxi driver. He looked like a friendly fellow and was just taking us to the local bar scene when all of a sudden he stops on the side of the road. ” Hola amigo you buy Marijuana smoke” he asks and without hesitation we replied how much Senor?

Prices in Mexico

$40 for an eighth , $ 70 for a Qtr , $100 Half , $180 for an ounce and this was USD. As we were in a foreign country we figured prices would be a bit more expensive so we opted not to bargain.  We all chipped in between the 4 of us and we managed to buy an half oz for a WHOPPING $100 USD for marijuana that looked like dried out hay. That is crazy compared to how I buy weed in Toronto. Since it was our first time in Mexico we decided to try it when we got back to our hotel room after a crazy night of partying at Coco Bongo.

The quality of Marijuana

The strains that were offered were called El Jefe and OG Kush. We bought a quarter oz of each and rolled up 2 fat joints to smoke at the end of the night. They were both indica strains with very little crystal THC from the appearance of it. When you bust it up you get a faint smell of weed and bit of a dry hay smell. Finally the taste test, it tasted how it looked with a taste similar to eating wood. The ash burned dark like charcoal a bit grey but mostly black . I couldn’t help but cough as I exhaled the joint after a few tokes I was ready to give up. Definitely comparing it to the strains I order for online delivery straight to my house its like night and day difference.  The taste of this one strain called Comatose is so rare and unique that almost resembles a high end brand perfume that tastes like extravagance if there was ever such a taste. The smoke and high is another topic as it burns white and the high is very very strong.  All in all it was still a good experience smoking weed on a tropical island gazing out onto the ocean as the night ends. The Mexican grown weed did its job and still got us high.

Canada: best place to buy weed

After trying weed strains in Mexico, we realized that there’s nothing compared to Canadian weed. Of our favourites at Cannabis Den, are Gorilla Glue and Comatose. Our weed strains are premium quality, smooth to burn, and comes with fast, discreet shipping. We work with craft growers who take pride in producing the best of the best! Our customer service team is working around the clock and dedicated to making our clients happy.

craft comatose marijuana strain
Cannabis Den — Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue

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