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About Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough is a distinct Sativa popular because of its strong strawberry-smelling and tasting presence. It was named for its exact effect in triggering a cough attack in even the most experienced smokers. It is classified genetically as a Sativa with 80% Sativa and 20% Indica composition. Its THC levels average at 13% and can go up to 26%. Thus, making it a great strain for novice consumers, which rarely induces paranoia.
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Strawberry Cough has the potential to be more potent. Its immediate effect will burst you out to cough as your throat will feel a strong tingling sensation after smoking it. However, once that immediate effect fades, Strawberry Cough becomes more than enjoyable. Hence, it is not a fast-acting strain. There will be a delay in feeling the effects of this strain and will soon descend gently. Consumers can feel the healthy boost of energy throughout; thus, it will make you want to jump out of your seat and get things done. This strain will unwind you without making you feel tired, in fact, it will make you feel refreshed and like on a bit of a sugar high.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

This award-winning strain is large and chunky. Despite its dominant Sativa genetics, Strawberry Cough has a more Indica-typical bud structure, with solid and densely packed leaves. However, the buds are tapered, conical, less like popcorn, and more like tiny pine cones. The flowers are covered in cloudy amber trichomes that lend the leaves a slightly yellowish appearance. It has a red pistil that is threaded through the sticky leaves.

The mild scent of strawberries wafts up from the buds, mixed with a bit of peppery spice. When buds are combusted, they give off an herbal cloud, reminiscent of parent strain Haze. Smoke from this strain is typically harsh, causing many users to cough and sometimes leading their eyes to water. 

The initial taste is of ripe strawberries, with no hint of skunkiness or musk. On the exhale, the strawberry flavor has some more sweetness. This saccharine berry scent lingers for a while after users have toked.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Cough Strain

This strain can lower stress levels as it relaxes the mind and body and slows down the heart rate to a comfortable pace where focus and concentration can become clearer, feeling no anxiety. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and seasonal affective disorder can improve with the help of Strawberry Cough. Also, it has an exceptional ability to deal with fatigue, pain, and nausea. Thus, consuming slightly larger quantities can relieve symptoms of pain and other physical difficulties.

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