The Legendary Gorilla Glue Strain – Canada

Legendary Gorilla Glue Strain 

The award-winning Gorilla Glue, and is known as Original Glue or GG#4, earned first place in various prominent Cannabis Cups. The legendary Gorilla Glue strain remains one of the most popular strains to enjoy because of its balanced genetics and huge, super sticky buds. Gorilla Glue is one of the most in-demand strains in the US cannabis market today. There is one famous phenotype that everybody wants: GG#4. Specifically, it is a breed from Chem Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb giving a tart flavor yet balanced, and the effect is phenomenally psychoactive and strong. Relatively balanced hybrid with a 60:40 Indica-Sativa ratio. gorilla glue cannabis strain bud

Gorilla Glue Stella Reputation

Without a doubt, GG#4 has racked up a Michael Phelps number of awards, including:

  •         1st Place – 2018 Spannabis Cannabis Championship Cup
  •         1st Place – 2015 World Cannabis Cup
  •         1st Place – 2015 Patient’s Choice Award
  •         Best Hybrid – 2015 Hempcon Cup
  •         1st Place – 2014 LA Medical/Cannabis Cup
  •         1st Place – 2014 LA Medical/Cannabis Cup
  •         1st Place – 2014 LA Top 10 Hybrid
  •         1st Place – 2014 Michigan Medical/Cannabis Cup
  •         1st Place – 2014 Jamaica World Cup 

Gorilla Glue Flavor and Aroma 

The Emerald green buds of Gorilla Glue give it a distinct smell and flavor. Piney and earthy, the smoke provides hints of coffee and chocolate and diesel. Smoking produces a strong skunky odor that is thick in the air and sure to entice others nearby.


Gorilla Glue is specifically bred for its THC content. Therefore, it is not the best sleep aid, but its racing effect may experience ease into general stoniness after an initial rush. Hence, GG#4’s dense and potent trichomes give it an average 27-30% THC range.

GG#4 is equally popular in the medical user community as it is recreationally. In fact, medical marijuana often recommends GG#4 for depression, sleep problems, and migraine headaches.

With this in mind, what are your thoughts about GG#4? Do you enjoy the strain of Gorilla Glue? Get yours by visiting our online store and share your thoughts about it.

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