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Mary CBD Pet Tinctures

Take care of your furry little friends with a CBD tincture designed to relieve their stresses and strains. When your pet feels anxiety or discomfort, trust this hemp-based CBD product to ease their strife. In as little as 5 minutes, one dosage of oil will bring your loyal partner back to a happier self. Simply drop Mary CBD Pet Tinctures in their treats, it soothes dab on their ears or rubs into their paws, and rests easily knowing your companion.

Mary’s Medibles promote the healthy heart, brain, and immune system of your pets and promote shiny coats, smoother skin, and are free from irritation.


We know how important and individualized your dog’s health and wellbeing are, so we created a specially planned tincture for each size animal as we know how different each breed can be.

Blended with premium wild Alaskan fish oil, our tinctures help sore bones and joints, while maintaining a great coat. Unlike regular medicine, it’s on your dogs will enjoy added to their meals to the very last drop.

We tested all the range with our pack and can confirm a glowing report of wagging tails, improved health, and soothed aches and pains. Great for older dogs to ease inflammation and sore muscles, treats a variety of skin and ear issues, and keeps all dogs well maintained and healthy when added to food regularly.

As we have no additives, it’s suitable for raw food diets and its tastes approved, so the perfect meal topper whether it’s dry or wet.

Be the person your dog thinks you are and treat them and they treat you!


Mary’s Medibles has developed our high quality, delicious feline tincture to ensure your cat keeps purring. A blend of premium Alaskan fish oil and CBD extract will become a firm favorite addition to their mealtime and keep your cat happy.

A happy cat is a happy you!

Feline CBD Oil Pet Tinctures

Mary CBD Pet Tinctures

Mary’s Medibles takes care of you and the entire family, down to the smallest and furriest friend. They just released a line of 200mg CBD pet tinctures to help the family cat feel more at peace. Specially crafted tincture designed to serve and support cat anatomy.

Animals can’t verbalize their pain aside from moans and groans or excessive stretching out of their normal behaviors. CBD will not get your cat high or overdose. In fact, it will wrap your cat in a fuzzy frenzy that feels like peace.

Put a few drops into your cat’s wet food mix, dabble some on their tongue when they wake up, or drip a few drops on a rag and apply to targeted areas of pain for your furry friend.

When you use a low-dose feline CBD oil on your cat, you will notice the difference in their overall mood and engagement with you. Pain-free.

Small Dog CBD 125mg

marys small cbd pet tinctures

And taking the time to find an excellent CBD product that works well with your dog will send you over the moon with joy. Mary’s Medibles lab tests all their goods, even these special CBD 125mg oil tinctures made for small dogs! If you have a puppy or small breed dog, you can use this CBD oil as a daily supplement to include in your dog’s hygiene routine and diet plan. 

Medium Dog CBD 250mg

Mary CBD Pet Tinctures

For dog owners across Canada, one of the best places to gain refined CBD extracts comes from Mary’s Medibles.

When you give your dog medications in pill form, you usually have to crush it up and mix it in with their wet food. However, this CBD Oil, dash a few drops of the tincture into their wet food bowl and they won’t even acknowledge or get spooked by the distinct smell. 

You can also place this oil as you would with a topical cream, rubbing the intended area directly with the oil. If your average-sized dog has a mood disorder, this CBD oil will calm your pet without further inducing anxiety or stressing your pet out with the possibility of a high. 

Large Dog CBD 500mg

dog cbd oil large size

This tincture is designed for larger dogs, infused with CBD at maximum strength. Bigger dogs that struggle with containing their hyper mood and excitement can benefit from a new holistic constant. Add this to their diet or administer a few drops to them before a planned function so they have at least an hour to reach a calm state of mind. Your dog will feel ten times better and more aware of its environment. 

Do not hold back in finding the best way to support your pet. Check online and get yours now!

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