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Benefits of CBD Edibles

With innovations in the cannabis industry, Cannabidiol (CBD) becomes one of the most popular products on the market. Want to know the benefits you can get with CBD edible? Here are 6 benefits of CBD edibles that you need to know.

6 Amazing Benefits of CBD Edibles

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CBD Edibles Provide Long-Lasting Relief

There are several benefits CBD edibles offer over smoking cannabis or inhaling a CBD vapor pen. It slowly releases CBD over a long period as it digests food. In fact, it takes between 30 minutes to two hours to experience the effect. As a result, it gives you a long-lasting CBD experience that can last between two to four hours longer than inhaled CBD.

CBD is Non-Psychotropic

Although CBD is a cannabis compound, it does not cause a psychotropic “high”. Instead, CBD offers mellow mood uplift with a sense of positive, alerted energy.

Less Risk of Lung Irritation

Many vapor pens contain added thinning agents, like propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) which may produce toxic carcinogens when heated temperatures above 436 (224).

Thus, CBD edibles are an excellent way to avoid inhaling potentially toxic compounds.

Online Availability

They are available online. CBD edibles sold online are “hemp-derived”. Hemp and cannabis are the same plants.

Easy To Dose

Inhaling CBD through vape pens or smoking can be very difficult to determine how much CBD you are getting each time. Briefly, CBD edibles come in pre-dosed servings, allowing you to calculate the amount of CBD you have consumed and how much you need to consume to achieve your desired results.

Edibles are Discreet

Other forms of CBD can be impractical to some consumers. For instance, it may not be always convenient to pull out a vape pen to get your daily dose. CBD edibles can get you pain relief during the workday.

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