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About God’s Green Crack Strain


God’s Green Crack is a super rare slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain (55% Indica and 45% Sativa). This strain is a cross between crossing the infamous God’s Gift and Green Crack strains. This powerhouse packs a super heavy high that is perfect for relaxing days where you want a little energy to get up and move but still wants to kick back and relax. Its THC level has been measured at a high ranging from 22% to 25%. 


Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor 

Although God’s Green Crack may have a bombastic name, its buds are medium to large. It has a rounded, slightly tapered shape, like miniature pinecones. This strain has a characteristic of an Indica having a narrow leaf that curls tightly inward toward its certain stems. Its leaves are a dark shade of forest green. Occasionally, they show patches of purple as well because of high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments. Finally, translucent white trichomes and curly orange pistils make these colorful flowers even more eye-catching. 

The spicy and pungent smell of this strain is unmistakable, as well as the earthy undertone with a blend of grape. Thus, its fragrance is one that smells refreshingly good. Its aroma carries over to its taste. As a bonus, the added herbal undertone enhances the flavor and makes it taste exotic. If it smells good, then it tastes better. 

God’s Green Crack: Effects 

Immediately, God’s Green Crack strikes consumers soon after they have toked on its heavy, aromatic smoke. At first, it exerts twitchy effects in the head like an increase in salivation or a throbbing in the temples. Later, once the tics subside, it follows a surge of the intensity of the smoker’s thought processes. It can hurl the creativity of its user, making it useful to those working on open-ended personal projects. The two most common negative reactions to using cannabis are dry mouth and eyes. For that reason, anyone using this strain and others should always keep hydrated. 

There are some who are more susceptible to certain reactions. For instance, this strain can cause some people to feel paranoid or anxious. Here, consumers should avoid this strain. 

Medical Benefits of God’s Green Crack Strain 

Thanks to these effects and its high 22-25% average THC level, God’s Green Crack can treat different medical conditions. Medical cannabis consumers with chronic pains or ones that are caused by other illnesses find this strain useful in pain alleviation. Another popular use of this hybrid strain is as an aid in managing depression and stress. It may also be useful in a few other mental health disorders. The energy boost one feels while using the strain can help deal with fatigue. Finally, a lot of consumers feel hungry after using it. Anyone having trouble with having an appetite should find this strain beneficial.

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