Difference Between Mind High vs. Body High

Mind High vs. Body High

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Cannabis is great and mysterious. In order to find the right way to attain a successful high, it is important to understand the difference between mind high and body high.

Understanding the comparison of Indica and Sativa is the best way to learn cannabis effects. The Sativa plant is more than just average marijuana rather it is a medicine. It is an Indica that gives you a body high.

Mind High vs Body High: Sativa vs Indica

Let us talk about the two types of cannabis strain that affect the high experience, Sativa, and Indica.

Sativa is a long talk plant with thin, light green fan-like leaves. You can consider using the Sativa strain to gain creative inspiration. This strain can induce a head high, which results in you to think faster, act quickly, and feel less inhibited at social gatherings.

Indica on the other hand is more of a bedtime buzz, this will give you a body high. It leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to catch up on some sleep. It is a shorter plant with darker, broader leaves, which could be the perfect strain for a relaxing night.

If they call a strain hybrid, it combines an equal mix of the two. Indica or Sativa-dominant hybrids contain a higher blend of each plant. 

What is Mind High?

THC is a psychoactive compound that produces head high. The effect can have many variations and forms. It depends on the cannabis strain, your predisposition to anxiety, paranoia, how much you smoke, and your settings. The effect varies.

 Mind high can make you feel physically alert and make quicker mental connections.

What is A Body High?

A strong Indica strain, such as Death Bubba, associates a body high. The body high is caused by how cannabis interacts with the brain, effectively calming down the rapid communications between cells in your nervous system and trigger the intense feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Heavy-hitting Indica can produce a powerful body high, which is best consumed during nighttime.

The method of consumption will affect your body high as well. Smoking marijuana will bring a slightly headier buzz while edibles will put you in your seat.

What is Best For You?

Each cannabis user is different, and what suits your needs is not the same as other users.

A body high or mind high has a distinct energy and sensations. Try using multiple combinations to find your sweet spot. It is all up to you on how your body reacts to a certain medication using cannabis. Find a wide variety of flowers, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates, click HERE!

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