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About NYC Diesel Strain


NYC Diesel is an award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica ratio. This strain is a good option for busy days and social occasions, as it provides a peppy cerebral high with potent energy. THC levels can exceed 21%, making this a potent medical option. CBD concentration is very low, typical for Sativa.

NYC Diesel

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor 

NYC Diesel strain has a wonderful appearance. Its buds contain hues of purple, blue and yellow. The olive-green flowers are usually coated in vibrant orange trichomes, which make for a beautiful crystal coating of stickiness.

Truly, this strain is smelling like a Sour Diesel variant, reeking of a strong diesel mixed with a fruity fragrance, instantly filling the room with its aroma. This hybrid smells poignant and sweet, with shocks of lime that smell both invigorating and appetizing.

This sour-tasting strain tastes mouthwatering in all its citrus flavors and tanginess. NYC Diesel boasts of pungent flavors, mixed with shocks of sweet lime. This strain has a peculiar aftertaste resembling fresh grapefruit, making it pleasant and unique. 


This strain is believed to be popular among artists because of its strong cerebral effects. NYC Diesel can cause a sudden influx of ideas and bring in a fresh breath of inspiration. It drives on the mental activity, fueling writers and creatives to keep working and making magic. It can induce a strong sense of euphoria, making its consumers feel elated and stress-free. Thus, it can burst energy, feeling both relaxed and clear-headed, and ready to get things done and with gusto.

On the other hand, its consumer may experience dry mouth sensation, which may occur together with dry and itchy eyes. Also, it may cause a slight paranoia in some users, which can also be accompanied by a mild headache. NYC Diesel may also make its consumer feel dizzy and anxious especially for inexperienced smokers or when consumed in higher doses. 

Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel 

This hybrid is very effective in the treatment of stress disorders and their symptoms. Consequently, it is a powerful ally in the fight against any effects of chronic and consistent stress. Because of its potent relaxant effect, it can calm and soothe the mind and body of its consumer. Likewise, it is useful for patients who struggle with mood disorders. It is effective for patients who are suffering from heavy depression because of its uplifting effects. Hence, its ability to induce munchies makes it effective to improve the lack of appetite. In addition, it is also perfect to manage pain as it controls muscle spasms and joint pain, including chronic back pains and headaches. Fatigue may also be treated with this hyper hybrid, as it can give you sudden bursts of energy and encouragement.

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