Kush Station vs. Cannabis Den: Reviewing the Craft Cannabis Bud Selection – Who Comes Out on Top?

Kush Station vs. Cannabis Den: Which Offers Better Craft Cannabis Bud Selection

With so many dispensaries popping up everywhere, it can be challenging to know where to turn for the best buds. Two dispensaries that gained a reputation for providing exceptional craft cannabis are Kush Station and Cannabis Den.

Craft cannabis refers to cannabis produced and cultivated by skilled growers who take pride in producing high-quality and unique strains. Growers cultivate these strains in small batches, carefully trim them by hand, and cure them to preserve their flavour, potency, and overall quality.

In this article, we will check which Canadian online dispensary has a better selection of craft cannabis buds. We’ll also discuss what craft cannabis is and why it’s worth investing your money in.

What is Craft Cannabis?

Passionate and experienced cultivators grow craft cannabis, prioritizing the plant’s quality over quantity, unlike mass-produced cannabis grown in large-scale facilities. These growers experiment with various growing techniques, genetics, and cultivation methods to produce unique and highly sought-after strains.

A seasoned cannabis enthusiast prefers craft cannabis over mass-produced cannabis because it offers superior quality, exceptional flavour profiles, and potent effects. This preference is due to the attention to detail and quality control that passionate and experienced cultivators put into every aspect of the production process of craft cannabis.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, craft cannabis has become an increasingly popular and sought-after product. Many dispensaries and cannabis retailers now offer a wide range of craft cannabis products, including premium flowers, concentrates, and edibles, to cater to the growing demand for high-quality cannabis

History of Craft Cannabis

Craft cannabis, like craft beer, is produced in small batches by micro-growers or family-owned farms to create unique flavours and high-quality products. The origins of craft cannabis trace back to Guadalest, a small village in Spain. These cultivation techniques, considered family traditions, utilize only natural resources from the area and eco-friendly practices to grow marijuana.

The cultivation methods used in Guadalest inspired many to grow similar perfect strains in other areas. These growers utilize ladybugs for natural pest control and recycled materials for packaging, following a traditional and eco-friendly approach to cultivation.

This traditional mentality is still prevalent in the production of craft cannabis today, with growers prioritizing using natural resources and eschewing complicated high-end machinery to produce high-quality products.

How is Artisinal Cannabis Grown?

Craft cannabis growers carefully cultivate the plant, controlling the environment and using organic pest control methods to ensure a high-quality product. To reduce their environmental footprint, many craft growers use sustainable practices like using lights during off-peak hours.

Unlike some growers who use pesticides to maximize yields, craft cannabis growers prioritize organic methods ideal for consumers interested in knowing what is in their product. Small-batch producers also hand-trim their plants instead of using machines to preserve the number of trichomes, the tiny hairs on cannabis plants containing terpenes and cannabinoids that impact the potency and quality of the flower buds.

Benefits of Buying Craft Weed

Craft cannabis provides various advantages, including economic, environmental, and health benefits.

Created in Small Batches

Craft cannabis enthusiasts often favour the small-batch cannabis production approach as it frequently yields high-quality cannabis. Despite the highly competitive market, this approach enabled small-batch growers to flourish.

Large commercial cannabis facilities have permits for growing thousands of plants simultaneously, resulting in high production costs. Small-batch cannabis entrepreneurs, on the other hand, enjoy a less expensive experience selling their cannabis products compared to commercial cannabis facilities.


The cultivation process emphasizes using organic methods and raw materials, eliminating the need for pesticides and chemicals. While traditional farming may rely on pesticides to achieve optimal nutrient formulations, craft cannabis growers prioritize organic cultivation methods. These practices promote positive changes in the ecology of a particular region and contribute to addressing the issue of climate change.


Small businesses in the craft cannabis industry are demonstrating to commercial cannabis giants that it is possible to produce high-quality cannabis without harmful pesticides and chemicals. Innovative technology and growing methods are blended to achieve this. 

Craft cannabis growers prioritize organic cultivation methods and avoid using pesticides and chemicals. Instead, sunlight plays a role in growing, significantly reducing indoor crops’ carbon footprint. Many cannabis entrepreneurs are adopting these responsible growing methods to promote sustainability in cannabis cultivation.

Outdoor Growing Process

Cultivating cannabis outdoors is increasingly popular among growers due to the ability to produce high-quality, broad-spectrum cannabis flowers rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. To achieve superior quality, craft cannabis growers use composted whole food inputs, such as saltwater fish, worm castings, and kelp, as the primary raw material. This unique compost composition sets craft cannabis apart from other cannabis crops. Combining this composition with warmth and microbial protection creates the ideal recipe for cultivating premium cannabis.

Finding Craft Cannabis 

To find the best craft buds, you must buy weed online. Online dispensaries offer various strains that both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and beginners can enjoy. We will compare two well-known Canadian dispensaries to determine which offers the best craft cannabis selection.


Kush Station is a Canadian online dispensary that provides various cannabis products like flowers, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. They cater to both medical and recreational cannabis users and aim to offer their customers high-quality products at reasonable prices. They take pride in its excellent customer service, fast shipping across Canada, and loyalty program that rewards its customers. 

Cannabis Den is a dispensary that offers lab-tested, top-quality cannabis products to cater to different needs. Their user-friendly website allows customers to easily find the ideal product for their specific requirements, including marijuana, edibles, and concentrates. They prioritize sourcing the best selection of cannabis products from top suppliers, with a price match guarantee to ensure that their customers get the best possible deal. They aim to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction to their members.

Craft Cannabis Available

Kush Station offers a wider selection of craft cannabis buds with over 72 options, while Cannabis Den has up to 62 products. It is worth noting that all of Kush Station’s craft flower are currently out of stock, whereas most of Cannabis Den’s selection is in stock.

Multiple craft cannabis brands, such as Mr. Nice, Bubba Kings, and Cincopax, partnered with Kush cannabis dispensary. In contrast, while Cannabis Den offers products from King Craft and others, the specific craft cannabis farmers they work with are not specified.

Most craft cannabis products available at Kush Station are buds, while Cannabis Den offers a selection of pre-rolled joints, shakes, and popcorn. Cannabis Den also allows you to purchase up to 448g of products, providing you with the option to buy in bulk and potentially save more money.

Both dispensaries offer a rewards program where you can earn points with every purchase. At Kush Station, the points earned are equivalent to the product’s price, whereas, at Cannabis Den, the points earned are less than the cost of the product.

Both dispensaries offer high-quality craft products, known for their superior quality and unique flavours, as opposed to mass-produced and more affordable weed.

What to Choose?

Kush Station has a wider selection of craft cannabis from different sources, but unfortunately, all their craft cannabis products are currently out of stock. Additionally, they only offer buds, with most of their products in the $28-45 price range. 

On the other hand, Cannabis Den offers a variety of craft cannabis products, including buds, shakes, and pre-rolls, with the lowest price range of $25-$28. All of their products are currently in stock and offer mix-and-match options.

Craft Cannabis to Try

High Octane

Cannabis Den — AAAA — 91 Octane

High Octane, also called High Octane Kush or simply 91 Octane, is a pure indica hybrid strain created by crossing Hindu Kush x Chemdog x Lemon Thai strains. This strain is well-known for its incredibly strong, complex aroma and heavy-hitting high, perfect for relaxing after a long and stressful day. 

The effects of this strain will gradually make you feel increasingly lazy, leading to a strong couch-lock sensation that can last for several hours. Although you may experience a subtle stimulating tingle, it may leave you feeling happy but unfocused.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a highly potent marijuana strain with a THC content of 26-27% and a CBD content of 0.2%. It is a crossing between OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies and has a sticky, dense, and resinous appearance with purple and dark green buds and orange pistils.

Cannabis Den — Godfather Bubba Craft

 Cookie Monster is an effective treatment for mild and chronic pains such as arthritis, backaches, anxiety, and stress. It is ideal for daytime use and has long-lasting effects. Additionally, it can alleviate migraines, muscle spasms, phantom limbs, neuropathic pain, loss of appetite, and multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Platinum Rockstar

Platinum Rockstar Weed Strain is a hybrid that has a potent and unique scent. It is a cross between Deadhead OG and Pineapple OG, with a skunk and diesel taste complemented by an earthy and fruity touch. The strain’s effects are well-balanced, giving users an uplifting and calming high. It is an ideal option for experienced cannabis users looking for a strong and long-lasting effect.

Platinum Rockstar at Cannabis Den

White Widow

The White Widow cannabis strain is a highly respected and recognizable variety known for its potent effects. Breeders create this hybrid by blending Brazilian and South Indian Sativa strains, resulting in a mostly Sativa-dominant strain.

Cannabis Den — AAAA — White Widow Strain

The strain produces a potent yet balanced high with cerebral and physical effects. It delivers a strong, long-lasting sense of euphoria accompanied by a relaxed body buzz. White Widow is an excellent choice for those seeking an uplifting and creative experience.

Godfather OG

Godfather OG is a cannabis believed to be a cross between Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. When consumed, Godfather OG provides a strong cerebral high that soon spreads throughout the entire body. This creates a sense of relaxation and happiness that is highly enjoyable.

Craft Original Glue at Cannabis Den

There are several benefits to using Godfather OG. It has a high THC content and a potent flavour that users appreciate. It increases productivity, elevates mood, enhances sensual experiences, and relieves stress and anxiety. As an Indica-dominant strain, it is highly effective in creating a sense of contentment and focus lasting up to two hours.

What Can You Find at Cannabis Den?

If you’re looking for more than just craft weed, you’ll be pleased to know that our online shop offers an extensive selection of products that cater to different cannabis consumption methods.


Flower: The most popular cannabis product in the market is cannabis flower, which comes in various strains, including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Depending on the strain, you can choose a product that makes you feel more energized, relaxed, or both. The flower has different qualities, ranging from AA to AAAA+, giving you more options.

Edibles: If smoking weed is not your preferred consumption method, you may try cannabis-infused edibles. These treats offer a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. Edibles are available in different dosages, forms, and flavours, allowing you to choose the product that suits your preferences. Our cannabis edibles contain the highest quality ingredients and undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure their safety and potency.

Concentrates: Cannabis concentrates are highly potent extracts containing concentrated amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. Producers extract trichomes from the cannabis plant to create concentrates with high THC levels, resulting in an intense high. Users can consume concentrates by smoking, vaping, dabbing, or adding them to edibles.

Vapes: Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking as it allows you to avoid the harsh inhalation of smoke. Our shop offers a wide selection of vape pens and cartridges in different strains and flavours, providing various options to suit your preferences.

CBD products: CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, which provides several benefits, such as relief from anxiety, stress, and pain. Many medical marijuana users who do not prefer the psychoactive effects of THC turn to CBD products such as oils, capsules, edibles, and more.


Committing to providing exceptional service to our customers is our goal on top of offering high-quality products. From browsing our website to receiving your products, we strive to make every step as effortless as possible for you.

We design our website with user-friendliness, ensuring you can browse and purchase our products without confusion. We promptly process orders to ensure that your products arrive as soon as possible, although the processing time may vary depending on the number of products we have to process.

We ensure the security of every transaction, so you can rest assured about the safety of your payments. We place your orders in packages that can extend freshness of the flower or product and conceal your identity.

You can also take advantage of various ways to save money, including our affordable prices, deals, and promotions such as free shipping.


Both dispensaries offer an extensive range of craft cannabis bud selections, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of cannabis enthusiasts. Whether searching for potent Indicas, uplifting Sativas, or well-balanced Hybrids, both dispensaries have got you covered. 

While Kush Station offers an impressive selection of craft strains, unfortunately, all of its craft cannabis products are currently out of stock. In contrast, Cannabis Den prides itself on offering customers affordable prices and various amounts of in-stock craft weed.

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